Bal'a dash, malanore Covenant of the sindorei play on the world of warcraft game server Draenor EU, This is one of the best places to play horde, its a high population realm with most being horde. This is also pretty much a PVE sever with lots happing all the time. and are hear to help you with your stay in azeroth, if you join our Blood Elf ranks you will be helped along the long road to 90, we are also gathering members ready for the realise of MoP (WoW mists of pandaria,) this is an existing time for the horde and our new blood elf monks, we hope that you take the time to have a look around our site before you sign up or run away, We are a leave 25 blood elf guild on EU Draenor we are expanding quicker then ever, although we don't think guild level is really that important its something nice to pay back our blood elf community with the perks they helped to unlock.

We offer help and support both in game and on our forums, which you can find here.

Bal'a dash, malanore come and discover Covenant of the

Sindorei for an EPIC gaming experience...

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